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Ground Floor Studios

New House, 67-68 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8JY

Ground Floor Studios

New House, 67-68 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8JY

Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm

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Come bead with us – Top London beading class

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Come bead with us, lets bead, lets bead away…

Ok, so maybe we are not the best song writers ever but it is possible we are the best beading class providers ever. Here at LJS we run 100’s of beading and wire working classes every year and 1000’s of students have come thought our doors as mere novices and left fully fledged beaders with a bead hording habit to to proud of.

Yummy beads and a student making a necklace in one of our classes

I liken myself in a beading class to a child in a sweet shop, with all the beautiful colours, shapes and sizes to choose form I often think the hardest part is selecting which beads to use not the actual making of the jewellery. At LJS we have more than 6 giant trays full of colourful collections of fabulous beads, which our students make their collections and pieces from. One of the best things is the amount you can get done with beaded jewellery in such a short space of time.

Samples from our Beginners Beading 1-Day class

To give you an idea heres a quick run down of what goes on in our 1-day Beginners Beading class;

9.50am – Arrive at LJS and have a coffee and biscuit (biscuits are essential to making jewellery so that’s the justification for starting on them so early, naturally)

10am – Take a seat and get the lowdown on the day from a lovely tutor who is taking your class.

10.15am – Have a play with the pliers (tools) and some wire and learn to make your own earwires (that’s the bit of an earring that goes in your ear)

10.30am – Now the beads make their entrance, choose your beads for your earring and make a couple of pairs. Show them off to everyone and get super excited that you have made you first ever piece of jewellery – Horray!!! Time for a celebratory biscuit

12.00 – Earrings have now been mastered, on to bracelets… You are now on your way to becoming an accomplished beader and so make two lovely bracelets to boot before breaking for lunch.

1-2pm – Lunch! – If it’s a week day pop down to the market for all sorts of culinary delights and a quick trip to the local bead shops and jewellery making stores in nearby Hatton Garden (London’s Jewellery Quarter) for supplies and inspiration. If it’s a weekend, grab a bite to eat and back to beading. It is addictive – you have been warned.

2pm – Now for necklaces, throughout the afternoon you will make 2 beautiful necklaces and learn a bunch of new techniques before the end of day bell goes at 5pm (we don’t really have a bell). Yes you guessed it – biscuit time.

4.45pm – Where did the time go its nearly the end of the day already. Spend the last 15mins finishing everything off, making clasps for the necklaces and of course you couldn’t leave without a farewell biscuit!

5pm – You have made it to the end, friends have been made, jewellery is surrounding us in abundance and our tummies are smiling from biscuit overload. So its home-time, a time to show off all your newly founds kills and masterpieces to friends and family. A tear is shed as you leave and we hope to see you again some day and wish you luck with your new hobby – leaving as a LJS qualified beader.

Pictures of students and tutors beading away at LJS

Its for certain if Carlsberg did beading classes…They would be LJS beading classes.

Enough bloging I am now ready to get beading again, hope to see you at a class soon. We have a full range of classes in beading and wire work which can be see from the links below:

London Jewellery School – Beading Day Classes 

London Jewellery School – Beading Evening Classes 

Or you can always give us a call for more info on 0203 176 0546

Happy Making