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Ground Floor Studios

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Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm

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Jewellery favourites: a cuff obsession

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Everyone has a favourite style or type of jewellery – perhaps an item they wouldn’t ever want to be without or something they are always drawn to in jewellery displays. So we decided to ask some of the London Jewellery School team about their jewellery favourites, must haves and obsessions, starting with marketing co-ordinator and tutor Bronagh Miskelly who is known for her love of a particular item.

Like most makers I’m a bit of a magpie and am easily distracted by something shiny, but if you really want to get my attention just show me a cuff (or perhaps a chunky bangle).

I’ve been trying to work out why I’m attracted to cuffs so much and put it down to three things:

  • A misspent youth watching a lot of sci-fi. Cuffs and bracelets are the ultimate space age accessory.
  • The fact that my sport is fencing. This has given me an interest in armour, archer’s bracers, etc – decorative arm items turn up quite a lot.
    cuff collage
  • But mainly I go for cuffs for practical reasons. I love dramatic, statement jewellery but a neck injury means I can’t wear heavy necklaces and big rings get in the way when I’m working in my favourite medium, yarn. So cuffs are my way of making a statement.

Plus you can have cuffs and big bracelets in such a variety of materials – metals, Perspex or resin, bead and wire constructions, leather and fur – which makes it fun to shop for and make them.

Here are a few of my favourite cuffs – some I own or have made and some are more aspirational or inspirational.

One of my favourite pieces of jewellery is a Ruby Kismet laser-etched Perspex cuff by Sarah Eyton. It is a beautiful piece and I bought it directly from Sarah at a show which means it has a story as well. I’ve had a go at making my own Perspex cuffs but this remains my favourite


cuff jewellery

My other favourite cost a couple of dollars in a Thai market. It’s striking and individual.


silver cuff

This silver feather cuff is by former Diploma in Creative Jewellery student Emma Piper. It is exactly what I like in bracelets – big, dramatic and intriguing. I love the embossed feather texture.


Of course, if I had unlimited funds I would love to own something like this Art Deco platinum emerald and diamond cuff bracelet (this one sold for $45,000). It definitely makes a statement and I love Art Deco style jewellery.


leather cuff

Leather cuffs offer an opportunity to create drama with colour, stitching, punching and studs and are lot more cost effective than antique diamonds and emeralds. They are also light wight and hardwearing so great day-to-day wear. This is the first one I ever made in an LJS leather class.


Beads and wire are another great way to create cuffs. I spend ages on Etsy looking at wide range including lovely items like this by Fanceethat as well as thinking about ones I can create for myself

What is your go to piece of jewellery? Tell us or link to your favourite cuff images by commenting below.