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Preparing your jewellery business for Christmas part 2 – online marketplace

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This is the second in our series of jewellery business blog posts on preparing your jewellery business for Christmas. Last week tutor Anna Campbell looked at Christmas craft fairs and markets. This week she’s turning her attention to selling in the virtual world.

More shoppers than ever are purchasing their Christmas gifts online. It’s so convenient and allows shoppers to choose from a wider range of items than the traditional high street or shopping centre has to offer. Plus, it give you as a jewellery seller a worldwide marketplace. Online, I sell more of my jewellery overseas than I do to the UK.

Handmade jewellery makes an ideal original Christmas gift

For those people that want a handmade, original gift your site can be a blessing. Try to make shopping online with you as easy as possible by following this advice.

Social media

Social media is really important for your jewellery business. It’s a great way to keep in touch with people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Remember to regularly post on your facebook business page and twitter. You can post about craft fairs you’re selling at, products that would make good Christmas gifts etc. Whenever you post, ensure you include a weblink to the products in your shop to make it easy for potential customers to buy from you.

You may also consider giving a bonus incentive for your followers, for example a discount or free deluxe gift wrapping, to help prompt them to have a look at your shop and buy from you.

Your online shop

If you have an online shop such as  your own website, or a presence on etsy, folksy, big cartel etc it is a good idea to check that the general information section is up to date and that your site is clear for shoppers to navigate.

You could ask a friend to look at it and give you some feedback.

Be obvious

Most of the items you sell will make lovely Christmas gifts (unless they’re really summery!) so it is a good idea to be obvious about the potential of your jewellery as a gift in your item descriptions. Some examples:

‘This item makes the ideal handmade gift for Christmas’

‘Perfect secret Santa gift’

If you ship your jewellery in a pouch or organza bag, add to your description that this is ‘perfect for hanging on the tree or as a stocking filler’.

Wrapped up

If you are shipping your items wrapped make it clear in your description that they are ‘wrapped and ready for giving’. Photograph your packaging and add this to your item listing. The clearer you are about what you provide the more confident a buyer will be. Gift wrapping can be a real selling point for some buyers as it’s one less chore for them at this busy time.


At this time of year, sets of jewellery sell well so consider making some new pieces or combine some pieces you normally sell separately. Also, consider the pricing of your jewellery. Shoppers often budget a certain amount for different people e.g. a secret Santa gift can be as little as £5. Depending on the price point of the jewellery you sell, consider having different items/sets in different price brackets e.g. £5, £10, £15, £20, £50, £100. This will appeal to those that have a specific budget in mind.


Check out the Christmas postage dates and ensure that you clearly display your last posting dates for overseas and to the UK. It is useful to have this information with every item you sell as many customers will not order close to Christmas if this information is not clear.

Also, be realistic about your last postage dates, don’t risk the possibility of having unhappy customers without their Christmas gifts for the sake of an extra day of selling.

At Christmas time many shoppers are looking for thoughtful, different, handmade gifts. By taking the advice above you are making it easier for your customers to do their Christmas shopping and hopefully also increasing your sales at this busy time.

Anna is an LJS tutor teaching beading classes and PR for your Jewellery Business. She mentors artists and crafters in setting up their website and using social media to promote their businesses for Crafty Websites and runs her own jewellery business, Light Boat Jewellery.