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Ground Floor Studios

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06 Jun, 2016

Men’s Jewellery part three!

With the approach of father’s day I have been looking at trends in men’s jewellery. In the first post I concentrated on the cufflinks, and in the second I covered bracelets, necklaces and tie pins.   This post focusses on Men’s rings. Rings for men are getting more and more adventurous and so I have […]
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01 Jun, 2016

Rent a jewellery studio or work from home – a journey

In March this year tutor Anna Campbell wrote on the blog about her thoughts about renting a jewellery studio versus working from home. She now has an update! Whether to rent a jewellery studio or work from home was an issue that was at the forefront of my mind when I wrote the blog post […]
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29 May, 2016

Exciting New Class – Metal Clay Guided Workshop!

  Tutor Anna Campbell will be hosting our first ever Metal Clay Guided Workshop on Thursday 30th June, but what is it? Would you love to work on your own silver clay projects in our well equipped workshop with an expert tutor on hand? Do you find you achieve more during a class than you […]
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10 May, 2016

Men’s Jewellery Part 2 – Father’s Day is coming…

  In honour of the rapid approach of father’s day, we recently published a blog post on different trends and inspirations in cufflinks. In this post I have been looking at other types of men’s jewellery for inspiration! 1. Men’s Bracelets Men’s bracelets tend to be chunky, made of leather or thick chain   Black […]
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25 Apr, 2016

Why I work in wax…

Some of you may have already seen me sitting behind the desk typing away in the LJS office.  I’m the Deputy Manager at the LJS studios and I also make my own jewellery, under the name of ‘Anvil and Ivy’.  Juggling a jewellery business and a job can be tricky, but I wouldn’t change a […]
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25 Mar, 2013

A chance to have your work on show at Treasure

I-beads is offering budding jewellery designers a chance to  have their work seen during London Jewellery Week through an exciting competition – Crystal Glam 2013 –  that LJS is delighted to be supporting. Designers are invited to create a glamorous piece of jewellery or fashion accessory made with products from the Swarovski Elements Fancy Stone […]
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13 Mar, 2013

My changing perspective on jewellery design

Diploma in Creative Jewellery student Tracy Stressing explains how learning about design and mood boards has changed her perspective on the jewellery she creates. I have always had a passion for making jewellery and from the first week, I knew I was going to enjoy the diploma. But it is also challenging. In the first […]
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27 Feb, 2013

See beautiful designs by LJS tutors at the Desire Fair

At London Jewellery School we’re very lucky to have wonderful independent jewellers as tutors for our classes. Now there is a chance to see some of their own work at the Desire Fair in London’s Kensington Conference Centre on 15 to 17 March. Five tutors will be exhibiting some of their work on our stand […]
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22 Feb, 2013

Take a look at our diploma students’ work

One of the great things about the Diploma in Creative Jewellery for the LJS team is seeing how different students use the materials and techniques they lean on the course. Although everyone follows the same curriculum and learns the same techniques, how they use them to interpret their own ideas can be very different. You […]
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13 Feb, 2013

Big news about our Diploma courses

Do you like the idea to spending a day a week learning a range of professional jewellery techniques? Have you browsed the Diploma in Creative Jewellery website but not yet taken the plunge or found the right the date? Looking to develop a range of professional jewellery skills using different media from silver and precious […]
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25 Jan, 2013

Channel your inspirations and ideas – mood boards and Pinterest

Where do you find inspirations from? Do you have a fashion magazine that is a must flick through? And how do you organise your ideas and inspirations so that they result in new jewellery designs? For example, Bronagh, our press and membership co-ordinator, is interested in textiles as well as jewellery and often finds inspirations […]
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20 Nov, 2011

Elizabeth Bone – Inspirational Jeweller and London Jewellery School Teacher

This week we are shining the LJS spotlight on the extremely talented and inspirational Jeweller and tutor Elizabeth Bone. Elizabeth is inspired by all things modernist, architecture and interesting collected objects, all of which comes across clearly in her work which consists largely of silver, gold and precious metal designer pieces. After studying a BA […]
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19 Oct, 2011

Off the Cuff! – Beautiful, bang-on-trend designs by Zoe Harding

We are loving these beautiful, bang-on-trend cuffs designed and painstakingly hand crafted by inspirational jewellery designer Zoe Harding… Zoe’s cuffs are usually made out of precious metals, silver or gold which she hand saws out, anyone who has done a beginners silver jewellery class or two will appreciate the skill involved in piercing out these […]
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05 May, 2011

Designer needed for fashion jewellery start up

A new fashion jewellery start up is looking for a new designer to help them design and develop their collections. The role will entail: Meeting to discuss the business objectives and requirements of the role. Interpreting our company design needs and developing a concept to suit our purpose. Estimating the time required to complete the […]
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24 Mar, 2011

Job Opportunity – Jewellery Design

A new jewellery start up is on the lookout for new designers to help develop their upcoming collections.  The ideal candidate would be someone highly creative with good design skills who is interested in designing stylish and unusual jewellery a freelance basis. Technical jewellery making ability is not essential as the work would be design based […]
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