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Dear valued students, the London Jewellery School will not be reopening its premises for the foreseeable future and we are now offering online classes. For more information please check our 'questions' page in the menu. And to find out about online learning please visit 'Jewellers Academy' (www.jewellersacademy.com) in the menu. Please contact the LJS for all enquiries by email at info@londonjewelleryschool.co.uk. Best wishes LJS Team x
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Ground Floor Studios

New House, 67-68 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8JY

Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm

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03 Aug, 2016

Could you be our 2016 Jewellery Maker of the Year?

We are so excited about launching our competition to find the London Jewellery School Maker of the Year 2016!  Taking part is a great chance to promote your work, get exposure and, of course, bag some fab prizes. The competition is open to everyone – you don’t need to have taken a Class with us – […]
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20 Jul, 2016

Displaying your Jewellery at Craft Fairs and Market

If you are doing any summer craft fairs you’ve probably been preparing your stock and deciding your pricing. It’s now time to turn your attention to your display. Here are some ideas and advice from tutor Anna Campbell from her own experiences of selling at Spitalfields and Camden Lock markets in London, on attracting attention […]
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13 Jul, 2016

Craft Market Checklist

In preparation for the summer craft markets, tutor Anna Campbell provides a comprehensive checklist to help you prepare for bumper sales! Source: http://www.greertonvillage.org.nz/monthly-greerton-craft-market/ 1. Arrangements Make sure you know everything you need to know before the day What time can you arrive from? Can you park nearby? Nearest station, cost etc What is provided and what do […]
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27 Jun, 2016

London Jewellery School are moving home to Hatton Garden!

Yes it is true! We are moving home to Hatton Garden!!! Whilst we have very much enjoyed our time near Brick Lane, from 7th July we will start to move into our brand new premises in Hatton Gardens (opposite Cookson Gold!) and are looking forward to being back where we belong! As such, the School […]
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27 Jun, 2016

A Letter to Jewellers worried about how Britain Leaving the EU will affect Business…

Many jewellers and crafters running their own handmade jewellery businesses (and any small business owner for that matter) may be understandably worried about how the recent result that Britain will be leaving the EU, may impact their jewellery business. Professional jeweller’s recent article talks about 90% of designer businesses voting remain http://www.professionaljeweller.com/bfc-survey-reveals-90-of-designer-businesses-against-brexit/ which is no surprise given the business […]
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26 Jun, 2016

LJS gets an insight into 3D Printing

Last month groups of LJS students were lucky enough to secure a place on our visit to a local 3D printing company.  ‘My Mini Factory’ which launched in 2013, is the world’s leading curated social platform for 3D Printable objects.  The community platform connects 3D Designers, makers, users and brands.  For more information about the […]
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08 Jun, 2016

Working to Commission

  Tutor Anna Campbell has made jewellery on commission for celebrities. Here she gives some hints and tips on dealing with commissions I have been fortunate to be commissioned to make jewellery for individual customers. It can be nerve wracking because usually they will have something specific in mind and you want to make sure […]
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18 May, 2016

Metal clay tool – the humble baby wipe!

In today’s Blog, metal clay artist and tutor Anna Campbell outlines the many uses for baby wipes as a tool when creating metal clay jewellery! One of the great things about metal clay is that you don’t tend to need expensive tools to get started, so for this tool review I decided I wanted to […]
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10 May, 2016

Men’s Jewellery Part 2 – Father’s Day is coming…

  In honour of the rapid approach of father’s day, we recently published a blog post on different trends and inspirations in cufflinks. In this post I have been looking at other types of men’s jewellery for inspiration! 1. Men’s Bracelets Men’s bracelets tend to be chunky, made of leather or thick chain   Black […]
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02 May, 2016


Our lives seem to get busier by the day, but every now and again it is worth taking some time out to invest in yourself. Short courses not only give you the opportunity to do something totally different, but they can energise other areas of your life, and even in some cases lead to a […]
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28 Apr, 2016

Men’s Jewellery Part 1 – Father’s Day is coming…

With father’s day rapidly approaching in the UK (19th June in case you need to mark it on your calendar!) tutor Anna Campbell has been having a look at some of the trends in men’s jewellery. In the first part of this series on mancessories (is that a new word?!) she has been looking at […]
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24 Apr, 2016

Free tickets for Made in Clerkenwell open studios in May

Three of our tutors work from their jewellery studios at Craft Central, near Farringdon/St Pauls stations. They will be participating in the open studio event coming up, Made in Clerkenwell and invite you to come and nose around the studios!   What is Made in Clerkenwell? Made in Clerkenwell ‘is a bi-annual celebration of Craft […]
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06 Apr, 2016

Diamonds are a girls best friend…

Hello April! A new month means it is time for a new birthstone. And this month it is one of our favourite gemstones – Diamonds! Happy birth month to all you April babies! One of the most coveted gemstones in the world, most natural diamonds are between one to three billion years old. The word […]
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04 Apr, 2016

Pre-Sale of new Online Silver Jewellery Workshop

Here at London Jewellery School HQ, we love nothing more than seeing our students flourish and grow on their Jewellery making journey.  But time and time again you were telling us that although you love our courses, you don’t always have time to attend a class in person.  Or that the dates and times of […]
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21 Mar, 2016

Inspirations: Etched metal jewellery

Etching is a method for adding complex and detailed patterns to metal using acid and acid resitant materials to create markings in silver. It allows you to create interesting effects and can be seen under transparent enamels. Variations on the technique can be used to create different effects.            
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15 Mar, 2016

Trendwatch: Mismatched earrings

Saoirse Ronan’s choice of mismatched earrings on the Oscars red carpet has brought this recent trend back into the fashion headlines again and as I sat down to wrtite today’s blog I realised I had joined in. Today I have a little silver spoon dangling from one ear and a fork from the other. So […]
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13 Mar, 2016

Rent a studio or work from home? Some thoughts on how to decide

There comes a point when you need to decide if you’ve outgrown your jewellery making workspace at home. So, what are the pros and cons of renting a jewellery studio versus working from home? LJS and Jewellery School Online tutor Anna Campbell has been thinking a lot about this issue and shares her thoughts   […]
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10 Mar, 2016

Inspirations: Polymer clay jewellery

At London Jewellery School we think that polymer clay is sometimes unfairly seen as a only for kids. That may be because it is often displayed in primary colours and children’s kits. However, it is a versitile material which you can use to create sophisicticated effects as you can see here.         […]
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06 Mar, 2016

Video Tutorial: Make silver stud earrings

At this time of year dangly earrings can get caught in hat and scarves, so Jessica Rose has put together this handy tutorial on crreating stud earrings at home using wire and and some standard jewellery tools.   You can find a step-by-step video tutorial on the youtube channel. Have a go and let us […]
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