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Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm

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11 Jun, 2015

Father’s day jewellery ideas

Yes, men can be recipients of jewellery too! With father’s day on the way we thought we’d share a few ideas for more masculine jewellery.   The pieces above might give you some ideas. Leather in friendship bracelets, braids and studded cuffs might suit some tastes, while others may be more attracted by cufflinks. But […]
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08 May, 2015

Inspirations: Saul Bell Design Award Finalists

Metal clay artist and tutor Anna Campbell has a look at the finalists for the prestigious Saul Bell Award I look forward to the Saul Bell Design Award each year because of the beautiful designs and artistry of the shortlisted pieces. The award is split into six categories, with five finalists per category (seven finalists […]
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21 Apr, 2015

3D printed jewellery

With the invention of the 3D printer is was inevitable that designers would start making 3D printed jewellery. LJS tutor Anna Campbell investigates the current state of 3D printing and jewellery.   3D printing is the process of making a 3D object from a digital file. The objects are typically ‘printed’ in layers from a […]
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13 Apr, 2015

The Metal Clay Masters Registry

Metal clay artist and tutor Anna Campbell explains why she joined the Metal Clay Masters Registry The Metal Clay Masters Registry is a structured program of metal clay projects that are independently evaluated. You work at your own pace and on your own to complete the pieces to the specifications of the project. There are […]
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09 Mar, 2015

Soldering on metal clay in action

Tutor Anna Campbell writes about her experience teaching the new soldering metal clay class. This week I taught the first of a new class, ‘soldering in metal clay‘. I originally pitched the class idea to Sunita, the manager at London  Jewellery School, because I feel there are a significant number of metal clay jewellery makers […]
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11 Jan, 2015

Take the metal clay challenge

Do you make jewellery out of metal clay? Do you sometime lack the motivation to carry on making? Why not join the metal clay Facebook challenge for 2015? There have been a few jewellery maker challenges on Flickr and Facebook over the last couple of years and they have helped artists, whether beginners or more […]
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20 Nov, 2014

Learn to solder your metal clay creations

Tutor Anna Campbell writes about our new metal clay class – soldering on metal clay. The silver clay classes are one of my favourite to teach. It’s so exciting when someone torch fires their clay for the first time and it turns into silver. And silver clay is one of the most popular mediums that […]
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06 Sep, 2014

Autumn leaf jewellery

This week a jeweller told us on Twitter how inspiring they found Autumn because of the colours the leaves turn. So that has prompted a look at autumn leaf jewellery.  Copper metal clay and fold formed copper are obvious choices for creating leaves in autumnal shades but it is striking how many jewellers are using […]
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19 Aug, 2014

In the jewellery workshop: Choosing a jewellery making kiln

We first ran this post last year but people have been asking us about kilns recently so we thought it was time to share it again. When choosing a kiln for your jewellery, the options can seem overwhelming, so here we look at some of the things to think about. What do you want to […]
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11 Jul, 2014

Magazines to help you develop your metal clay jewellery skills

The global metal clay community is small but thriving with a real emphasis on sharing knowledge and expertise. There are some lovely, inspirational books out there but there are also a couple of really good magazines that are worth a place in your studio. London Jewellery School tutor and metal clay artist Anna Campbell gives […]
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28 Jun, 2014

In the jewellery workshop: Cutting your clay

Polymer and metal clay fan Emily Jones takes a look at the options for getting cleaner cuts and more unusual shapes with your clay. If you like me love to create jewellery from polymer clay or metal clay, you probably have a collection of cookie cutters in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you […]
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27 May, 2014

In the jewellery workshop: Metal clay metal types

As subscribers to our blog or newsletter you will no doubt be aware of the existence of silver clay. However, do you know about the other metal clays that are available? Metal clay tutor and artist Anna Campbell gives you the rundown of the main metal clays on the market. Silver and gold metal clays […]
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09 Apr, 2013

Spring special offer – 15% off jewellery making classes

The glimmers of Spring sunshine that are finally appearing have gladdened the hearts of the LJS team so much that we wanted to bring a little brightness into your lives as well. So we are offering 15% off all classes taking place between Wednesday 17 April and Sunday 5 May inclusive. There is a wide […]
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08 Mar, 2013

Jewellery making project: textures for metal clay

If you want to create truly unique metal clay or polymer clay jewellery, you’ll want to take a look at our latest step-by-step project on creating texture sheets. The project, from LJS tutor Mary Ann Nelson, takes you through the process of working with UV light and photo polymer plates to turn black and white […]
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21 Nov, 2012

New Project: make your own spring rose necklace

We’ve added a lovely new silver clay project for you try at home to our projects page. The spring rose necklace by Jessica Rose uses a number of metal clay techniques to create a pretty piece with an attractive clasp. There are step-by-step instructions and photographs of each stage. Enjoy making the necklance. Please send […]
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16 Nov, 2012

LJS tutors are metal clay stars

One for your Christmas lists, perhaps. The Metal Clay Techniques Book by Sue Heaser is an encyclopedia of metal clay techniques from the basics through to ring making, bangles and bracelets, lockets and hinges, combined metal clays and mokume gane, sculpting, linking, and chain making. And among its illustrations of great metal clay work are […]
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04 Feb, 2012

Jewellery Making Project: Make a Silver Metal Clay Charm

Silver metal clay is an excellent material that is easy to use from home, take a look at our step-by-step project for making a lovely silver shell charm below… You will need: Small pot of 2-part moulding compound 5 grams of Art Clay A small shell A scalpel A small drinking straw Sanding pad Small […]
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