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Dear valued students, the London Jewellery School will not be reopening its premises for the foreseeable future and we are now offering online classes. For more information please check our 'questions' page in the menu. And to find out about online learning please visit 'Jewellers Academy' (www.jewellersacademy.com) in the menu. Please contact the LJS for all enquiries by email at info@londonjewelleryschool.co.uk. Best wishes LJS Team x
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Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm


Ground Floor Studios

New House, 67-68 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8JY

Ground Floor Studios

New House, 67-68 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8JY

Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm

Jewellery Making

Welcome to our wonderful world of jewellery making. There are so many options and possibilities when it comes to choosing what to learn and make. See below for an overview of the types you can learn and click on each one to see a list of classes available. 


Silver Jewellery 


Learn to create beautiful jewellery with our silver jewellery courses. You will train in the traditional techniques of sawing, soldering, annealing, sanding and polishing to make your own unique jewellery designs.

Start with our Beginners Silver Jewellery I or take a look at the Beginners Silver Jewellery course bundle for 3 days of intensive training.


Stone Setting 


We love gemstones and so have spent a lot of time perfecting our stone setting classes. Once you have a bit of silver jewellery making experience why not learn how to add a bit of colour and sparkle to your designs?

Start with Beginners Silver Jewellery III for using pre-made settings and then move onto our two-day Stone Setting course to learn more. We also have some advanced technique classes including setting cabochons, collet setting, claw setting, grain setting and more!


Wax Carving


Wax carving is a fantastic skill to learn if you'd like to make more adventurous pieces in metal. It lends itself well to organic or geometric designs.
The process of wax carving jewellery starts with the wax piece being made. This is taken to a caster where a mould is made, melting the wax and pouring molten silver or gold in to make a solid silver version of your wax mould. 
Start with our Beginners Wax Carving class with one of our expert tutors and then move onto one of our more advanced classes including how to prepare your wax for stone setting. 
Metal clay
Silver clay classes at the London Jewellery School


Metal clay is an alternative way to work with silver. It is a manufactured clay-like substance made of recycled silver, an organic binder and some water. It can be moulded and shaped like clay and is fired with a torch (a creme brule torch will do!) or in a kiln to leave you with hallmark-quality solid silver - it's like magic! 

Give it a try at our Beginners Metal Clay class and then move onto our more advanced classes including fingerprint jewellerystone setting and soldering metal clay.


Beading and Wire

Beading is often where we start on our jewellery making journey! Join us on Beginners Beading to learn how to design and make jewellery including the finishing and clasps (often the hard bit!). If you have some experience you may want to check out our Intermediate and Advanced Beading classes

If you fancy trying out designs with wire take a look at our Wire Wrapping and Tiara making classes.

And for those who love their pearls, you can learn Pearl Knotting.


Glass and Enamel

If you have a kiln you may want to look at our glass and enamel jewellery classes and learn to add a bit of colour to your jewellery designs.


Resin and perspex

Learn to make your own unique and quirky jewellery designs in acrylic/perspex or resin. Both materials are inexpensive and fun to work.